Snorkeling Fun To End The Summer

I had a super fun end of the summer in The Hamptons with family and friends. I, of course, over packed because I ended up wearing my tunic bathing suit for about 8 days straight but one thing that I did remember to pack was this cool snorkel by Usnork that was sent to me. While I have a pool at home and would have been able to use it there it was super fun to be able to not only use it myself but for my little cousin to enjoy as well.

This Usnork snorkel was cool because it covered the entire face and was very air (and water) tight and comfortable to wear and the tube was long enough where we were able to go kind of deep which made it more fun.

Now along with the snorkel, the package came with a waterproof smartphone bag that we used the entire time we were in the pool which was much needed when we wanted to change a song on the bluetooth speakers and take a photo to show off our fun pool times!

I know the summer is officially over but with heated pools and beaches in warmer climates, this would totally be a fun thing to always have handy!