Linly Designs Royal Wedding Book

The Royal Wedding! It was all over a couple of months ago and while I wasn't obsessing over it I for sure wanted to know everything about it. What were they wearing, what kind of makeup look was used, etc. The whole world was watching the UK for the months before the wedding, wanting to see what Harry and Meghan were up to and now anyone who was that into it can have it in a book.

I got this package from Linly Designs with a book about the royal wedding and I was pleasantly surprised with what it entailed and how it was put together. I'll start off with the packaging. The box that it came in was way bigger than the book itself so if it wasn't for the nice seal I wouldn't have known what it was.

Once I opened the package I had to cut through a super thick layer of bubble wrap and then really nice, thick, tissue paper that had more labels used as a seal. It was all very climatic and exciting to open. After getting to that layer the book was finally revealed.

The book is a really nice size and will look great on a coffee table or displayed on a shelf if this is your kind of thing. It's seperated into chapters and after skimming it I found it to be extremely detailed with large, crisp, quality photos. Now, this is not just about a book, it's about the attention to detail that Linly Designs gave to it which is a very good reflection of their design firm as a whole.

Their site says that they still have a few of these super limited books available so if you want one, grab it before they're all gone!