NectarKast-Mobile Marketing Simplified!

I'm an entrepreneur and my goal is to one day turn My Fascination Street into something bigger. Or at the very least, merge with a company that has a storefront in whatever way I want to expand. With that in mind, it's super important to know what's out there and how I'll be able to market my brand to the masses.

That's where NectarKast comes in. I won't bore you with my take on it in black and white but I will say that the idea is wonderful. I often go to stores and wonder if they have sales or specials going on but I don't find out about them because I either 1, can't find anyone or 2, just don't know how to access that information. NectarKast is super cool because once someone comes into your place of business you can send updates and promotions via customers notification bars. 

Want to be known for having flash sales or a last minute giveaway to customers in your store? What better way than to use NectarKast's mobile marketing?

Check out the video below showing what a cool product this is for anyone looking for a tech forward way to get their business out there and engage/grow customers:

And if you want to grab one for yourself, use THIS LINK to check it out and start promoting your business straight to customers notification bars!