Miracos Makeup Essential Luxury Eye Brush Kit

It should come as no surprise to anyone that I'm a huge fan of makeup. After all, that's where the idea for this whole blog started. But I know that I've veered off into writing about skincare a lot more in the last few months but that's only natural. As I (slowly) get older I realize that my skin is in desperate need of more TLC. And because I'm more concerned with looking flawless naturally, makeup has totally taken a back seat.

But that's face makeup. I never stopped wearing eye makeup and as a matter of fact I recently went on a little makeup binge and ordered a ton of eyeshadows. But alas, my brushes were old. Not only were they old, but they were kinda boring too. Being neglected for as long as they have been made me not want to even bother using them with my new makeup.

Thankfully, I last week I had a new set sent over to me by Miracos Makeup. The Limited Edition Essential Luxury Eye Brush Kit is super cute and here is why:

-It comes with four brushes- a flat concealer brush, eye shadow brush,  blend brush (for the creases and such) and a duel-end eyeliner & brow brush--All of these are essential and are pretty much the only four types of brushes that I need in my life
-The color is amazing. i love rose gold so the fact that these are "Cartier Pink Gold" is awesome. I goes great with my bathroom decor as well as my coffee table/makeup area.
-Okay this has NOTHING to do with looks but the price tag of $13 is pretty bad ass for this set.

What else do you need to know? This is a super great set by Miracos Makeup and I suggest you don't spend another day without this pretty little set in your makeup area!