Indigo Fern Letter Board

Ever since bloggers started blowing up on Instagram I've always wanted to be one of the ones that had like tons of followers, amazing photos, and super cute props to take said photos with. Of course, having a full time job and dealing with so many other issues (aka LAZINESS) has made this a bit of an issue. But not so much, because while I'm not one of those bloggers that have 1 millions followers (yet!) on all of their social media accounts, I still do have a bit of a following that is growing every day.

Thanks to that, companies have been noticing and have helped me grow my blog with better products and photos thanks to some things being sent. My latest acquisition is this Felt Letter Board by Indigo Fern that I recently got. It came at the right time because as I'm trying to brand myself a bit more taking super cute and relevant photos for my blog, I totally needed something to add a bit of flair to it.

The letter board is super cute and so much bigger than the ones I constantly see on social media. At 12x18, it's 116% larger than the usual ones. Added to that if comes with 600 characters that includes letters, numbers, symbols and even some emojis which is super cool. It also comes with a pretty big pouch to keep letters that you've already cut out to use but don't need at the moment.

In addition to the larger frame this letter board comes with a great kit for hanging a photo. This would be great for a major event like baby shower, milestone birthday or any other kind of party. It includes twine, super mini clothes hangers, a hook for a wall and a stand in case you want it displayed on a table or counter.

I'm really digging this and for real want to take it with me on trips and what not. I think it'll be something fun to play with while I'm out of town and want to kind of set the stage for the day as well as for when I'm home and want some positive vibes to look at everyday.