Food Prep Containers To Make Life Easier

I've been into meal prepping in a big way over the last few months and one thing I was always needing was good containers to keep my cut and prepared foods in.

I've tried buying the cheapo black bento box styles but those didn't always work for me because I wanted versatile containers that could not only store prepared food but also keep the ones that I had ready to put together nice and tucked away. Eating right and losing weight has been my obsession again and I really want to do it right this time so making sure that my food is on point is a massive priority.

These BPA Free Food Storage Containers by Ekicher are pretty on point. This set was only $20 and it came with 8 containers and leakproof lids. I have to be honest, I was always more excited about using glassware but the price tag for those is insane. Plus, traveling to and from work with glass containers is super risky because even though I'm not at all clumsy, I just know that I will drop, scratch or chip a glass container.

I like that this set comes with rectangular as well as round containers because it seems more versatile for me. I've already used a few in the microwave and while my pasta did stain a tiny bit, I'm used to that with any container that isn't glass. I just washed it right away and it was much better.

I totally recommend this container set for anyone beginning to meal prep or that just wants to save money by bringing leftovers to work for lunch. I got mine from Amazon so head on over and grab em before they're sold out!