A Few Of My Favorite (Wine) Things!

I love to entertain and lately I've been gifted some wonderful gifts to make that go super smooth and fun. Back in my NYC days entertaining was buying some bruschetta and $3 wine from Trader Joe's but now that's all changed. When I entertain these days I like to go all out and here are a few of the items that help me have the best get-togethers so here are some of my favorite items for 21+ entertaining!

1. Picnic Bookbag

Okay this one is amazing! I got one of these a few months ago and totally fell in love with it. I've always wanted a picnic basket with all of these items in them but the thought of carrying them around on my arm was a no-no. Having the ability to carry this on my back is not only amazing, but super worth it. You can grab any of these on Amazon, which is where I got mine just by searching picnic bookbag.

2. Electric Wine Opener

A wine opener is just a wine opener right? No, no it isn't. I've had so many wine openers in my life that I've struggled with because I either started off wrong or I had a super cheap one. This Electric Wine Opener by VicTagen is super cool and sleek. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts long enough to open up to 40 bottles without having to charge it and it's got a super sleek design. If you want to get one I suggest you head over to amazon and grab one of these before they sell out!

you'll see the blue light in 3...2.....

we love the blue light in this opener! Such a cool vibe!

3. Wine Cork Holder

Now what to do with all of those corks? Save them of course. I'm that person that likes to save corks from really nice bottles so what better place to keep mine than in this? These are sold in so many different ways but this is by far my favorite one. I like that it's see through and made out of metal and the little crystals add a nice touch!