Smart Plug for a High Tech Life

Screenshot from App

I love gadgets. Gadgets are legit my favorite things in the world. I also love being able to do things using my phone like turning lights, my TV and even outlets on and off which is why this WIFI Outlet is my new favorite thing ever.

While I don't normally have things that I'd like to turn on while I'm not home, because the only appliance I need to turn on late at night is my lamp (once the sun goes down) and maybe my TV, so a smart plug isn't 100% useful for me but it's still super fun and something I was happy try out.

For now I got it to set up with my diffuser so that I could make sure that my space is giving off a relaxing vibe that is much needed after a really long day of work so being able to set this up when I'm close to home is a dream come true.

These Verlife Smart Plugs WIFI outlets are pretty non descript and unless you're looking for it, you won't know it's there and so far I haven't had an issue with using it so far.

For me the only downside, which is only a super personal one, is having to create an account to use the app. Like I would have preferred if it would just pair with my phone when I first set it up so it only let's it get used with that one device, because I'm not into the idea of having to re log on because 90% of the time I will forget my password.