Shop Glitterati Nail Polish Strips

I'm not the most girlie person in the world by the fact that I love to wear yoga pants and leisure wear on almost the reg but when it comes to skin care and make up, I'm pretty much addicted. My skin is always glowing and everyone thinks I've got such a great natural look when in reality it's the help of a natural primer and tinted moisturizer.

One thing that's never natural with me is my nail color though. I'm a part time nail biter so I know that the only way to keep my hands looking nice is by getting them done. But who has time to get their nails done a few times a month? A lot of people do, but I for one don't. Especially when I like the idea of having designs on them.

That's why I was super excited when Shop Glitterati reached out to me asking if I would want a set of their nail polish strips to try on. Now I've used strips from a lot of brands throughout the years and there are some that are great and others that are downright awful---I've seen them all! I can say with these that they are on the amazing part of the spectrum. 

To start, the package came really nice. I like that the strips came in a padded envelope wrapped in pink scented tissue paper. It was totally a win. It also came with a thank you note which is always appreciated. When you spend so much time buying things from large companies there's a lack of a personal touch so it was refreshing and sweet to get one from Shop Glitterati .

Inside the tissue wrapping was al alcohol swab to wipe down my nails, the polish strips and a coupon for a future order. Legit, the presentation was a really great touch!

I'm super excited to try these on over the weekend. I JUUUUST got my nails done recently and don't want to remove them just yet, but stay tuned to my Instagram because I am going to post my step by step guide on my story as well as on my feed. This came with so many cool designs it was tough to pick just one to start but they look like they're made beyond well so I'm excited to start using these strips to keep my nails looking fresh!