It's A Diane Thing....Mug

I love branded things. Not because I'm a brand junkie, but because I like to show the companies that I support of a regular basis.

But you know what else I love? My name. A few years ago I despised it. It was boring. Super boring. I legit felt like a 90 year old woman that wore pearls to bed with my name. But the more I realized how rare it was to not have it end with the letter A, the more I started to like it. So of course if I was given the chance to display it on a mug I went for it.

This mug that I got by 5amily is super cute because it like shows the world (or the people in my office) how unique I am and how much I like my name now! The print in this mug is done really well and the size is perfect. I started using it at home for my morning coffee but recently brought it to work because I'm so over using those Styrofoam cups.

If you know someone that'll get a kick out of this mug I recommend getting one for them ASAP. Mine delivered really fast and was packaged extremely well so there's no need to worry about it breaking in transit.