Fun Ways to Take iPhone Photos

When it comes to taking photos for my blog I mostly use my iPhone 6 with a few other accessories like my tripod and external LED light. I have a few lenses that I've been given in the past to try but they were never a great fit because nothing really worked with a case.

I just got a really cute lens kit from Super Wide Angle Lens and so far I love it for taking photos for the blog, Instagram or Facebook but unfortunately, following my list of pros will be a few cons:

-It's got a great clip that doesn't put too much pressure on my phone. It holds the lenses really well and when held at the right angle, the flash is totally functional
-The lens come in a carrying case that's really small, has a mesh pocket for any additional accessories, and has a cleaning cloth inside.Sometimes I want to get a lot in a photo without having to shrink it down and have a lot of dead space on Instagram so being able to take a square photo with more

-This doesn't work well with any type of case which is a drag. I always have some sort of case on my phone and now I have one that's a wallet so it's not something I can take off super easy to attach the clip to.

So like it's got more pros than cons, which is great. But I really wish these adapter lens kits took phone cases into consideration when they made them. Or I at least wish that they made kits like that affordable.