Cute Vintage Espresso Spoons

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Often times, it's the little things that make moments in life the most memorable. Vintage spoon by Movalyfe Kitchen is one of those little things!
Think back to the last time you sat at a restaurant that pays great attention to the presentation of the cuisine. Wasn't cutlery always an important part of the experience? You can make your espresso hour in your home just as memorable by using our vintage spoons!
Our unique vintage demitasse spoons can add style and flare to the art of your cuisine. They would make a wonderful addition to your cutlery. Use them at your next dinner engagement, or coffee hour, and see if you don’t get compliments from guests. We always do.

Our little spoons are made with zinc alloy. They are small, shiny, durable, and beautiful in appearance.They are 4.5 inches long and manufactured in small batches with the greatest attention to detail. They are packed in a beautiful box so you can carry the set with you, or gift it to anyone who enjoys anything fancy. We do not recommend washing them in the dishwasher due to the delicacy of the design.