Matedsous Crystally-1 Passive Noise Cancelling Earphone

7 Reasons Why You Should Try These

1) Noise cancelling earphone-The fit of the ear pad into the ear canal, it blocks out noise well.

2) soft and comfortable-The ear pads insert easily into place for a gentle cushioned feel, loosely 'locking' into place very naturally. 

You can wear these for hours at a time without any aching of the ear or hint of tension. You can use them while running, and they don't fall out

3) Nice durable woven-like wires which really help preventing twisting and tangles.

4) Great hands free for you to make clear phone calls and your listeners can hear you clearly just like in quiet place.

5) These earphones also do a decent job at keeping the audio 'localized', meaning if you are jamming music at full blast, the sound will leak from the earphones, but not too much. I can be listening to music at a somewhat loud scale and no one around me can hear it at all.

6) Mega bass with HD sound quality

7) You have no risky as your purchase from AMAZON. 100% Free return and full refund if you don't like it.

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