Flipbook Kit Maker

I love flipbooks. I remember the first time I made one was at summer camp a million years ago and then I didn't get to play with that again until I went to the Museum of Moving Images in NYC about a million years later. But that was then, and this is now. Now I got the cool chance to play with a flipbook on a grander scale thanks to Flipbookit.com.

When I was sent this flip book kit I was super excited to play with it. Now at first it looked a little intimidating because well, it's something that's mechanical, so I was a little unsure as to how it was going to work for me but it was super easy to assemble. The instructions were on point and I had no issues getting it all together the first time around.

The longest part was putting the cards into the little rotator thing to give it that flip book vibe we all love. The kit came with a mini movie to start you off with and it was so cute and like steampunk-ish with the whole woman jumping over a cat thing. Along with the first story to play with it came with cards that you can use to print your own flip book. Oh and wait, the website includes a builder so you can shoot a video, upload and print it for your own customized flipbook.

I think this is super fun for people that are into anything retro or want to be crafty with kids or themselves.