Voion HD Antenna For Channels On The Go

I'm a certified television junkie and know that it's a problem. But it's a problem I welcome with open arms because TV is super fascinating.

What is not super fascinating is paying a ton of money every month for cable when I only watch a few channels at a time. And while I can watch some shows with my Amazon Prime and Hulu account, I don't have access to all networks without an additional fee on both. No thanks!

With my Voion HD Antenna I'm able to watch digital channels for free and the great thing is that it's portable. So if for whatever reason I go camping and NEED to watch something (I know, this is a very rare instance), I'm totally covered. Finding out the channels available to watch are done by visiting www.antennaweb.org. There you just enter your zip code and it it tells you what's there for you. You can also use this as a DVR to records shows if you're not going to be home to watch them which is pretty damn amazing. The days or relying on TiVo or old school DVR are a total thing of the past. You do need an external hard drive for this so make sure you have one handy if you plan on taking advantage of this feature. It also has an HD antenna+amplifier that's super long and paper thin. This will help you get about 120 OTA channels from stations that are 50 miles away or less, depending on where you are. So as long as you're not in the middle of nowhere you'll be able to watch something to help you sleep at night, if TV is your bedtime story like it is mine!

Another thing to be on the lookout for is the fact that you can watch stuff via USB. It plays all types of files: Divx, AVI, MKV, MPEGs, MOV, FLV and a few others. This really doesn't discriminate when it comes to file types.

Honestly, with cable prices these days, paying $50 for this is a great deal if you just want access to non premium channels and like me, only watch when shows are in season and spend most of the summer away from the tv.