Tools4Wisdom 2018-2019 Planner

I've been all over this 2018 kick since the year started. Because 1, it's a cool number and 2, because a new year is like Christmas for a blogger. Seriously, we can pretty much OD on blog posts about starting the new, how we ended the year, etc.

So speaking of starting the year, I became pretty planner obsessed a few years ago and the obsession has not left me. I love planners and while I used to always want something tiny, I saw this full sized one from Tools4Wisdom and fell in love. The Tools4Wisdom planners are super cute and give a lot of space for making to-do lists and entering appointments. I like how it's a nice big size that allows me to actually write things down legibly, which is totally an issue that I've had with planners in the past, much to my dismay.

While it doesn't fit in my purse, because it's a drop smaller than average, it's slim enough that I don't mind it peeking out a bit. Because hey, it's a reminder to write things down!