Menthonol Pain Relief Cream

I spend my days in front of a computer at work and then when I get home I’m back at it trying to keep my blog updated and fresh,  so it’s safe to say that I’m typing on a keyboard non stop. Now multiply this by 6 years and I’m pretty much like every other “new” blogger that has a day job until the blog life kicks into full gear. I love working on a computer because it means less interaction with annoying people at work (ha!) and it allows me to get things done super fast. The distance between my brain and fingers has gone away a very long time ago and I generally type as fast as I think now, which is pretty damn fast.

Unfortunately, a lot of typing nonstop has started to wreck havoc on my hands, particularly my right hand with is the dominant one. Because of this writing sometimes becomes a chore and I get super slow at home and at work until I get the muscle to take a chill pill and relax. And oh, sometimes I do have to take a chill pill! I’m prescribed a low dose of Xanax in order to chill out and when I started taking it I realized that it really made my body relaxed. Like super relaxed, and so the few times that I felt immense pain and weakness in my right hand from writing so much I would take one and it mellowed me out.

But that’s not what it’s for and I also don’t want to constantly have to take something for it. Especially since my doctor would probably give me a strong muscle relaxer if I asked for a script which would defeat the purpose of trying to be productive. So when I saw the chance to try out Menthonol cream, I jumped at it, naturally.

There isn't much to the design on this which isn't a bad thing at all. I mean sometimes simplicity is really the way to go. This Menthonol cream prides itself on being a powerful pain relief cream with Seanol-S Arnica Oil, which is a great tool for muscle strain and pain relief.  When I first used the cream I was shocked at the color. Because it was made with menthol I expected it to be clear but this is like a mustard color. I really like how this soaks into the skin super fast because I can't use something like this for my hands if it's going to take hours to dry--otherwise it would defeat the purpose.