KLASTILL Ankle Straps...Not Ankel Weights, WHOOPS!

OMG! SO I'm totally going to be honest here and thought I was being sent a set of ankle weights, which would have gone with my workouts perfectly because I just started going out for runs and doing the 30 Day Shred again. But when I got this package it was super light and I actually read the entire request which was not if I wanted to review ankle weights but if I wanted to review a set of ankle straps. WHOA! Huge mistake, as I don't ever do weights at the gym (like the two times a year that I actually go) so all I can do is give my opinion on how well these are made and not if like, they'll fly off your ankle while using it.

The package that these KLASTILL Ankle Straps came in is pretty cool. It came with the ankle straps (NOT weights!), a towel and a carrying case. Pretty cool stuff, as I always like to keep all of my workout gear together because I tend to lose things super damn fast. Oh, and it also comes with a little booklet that let's you know how to put these on as well as with a little Monday-Sunday Weekly Wellness Tracker.

The strap has a adjustable closure which is good for people with small ankles, big ankles, cankles, the works, and the D-ring clip is nice and thick, making this look pretty sturdy. I only wish these were what I thought they were so that I could be more detailed with this quick write up but for anyone looking for ankle straps, these looks pretty well made AND they offer a 30% discount code to anyone that wants to get them by going to their website and subscribing to their newsletter. Not bad at all!