Get Yourself In Check With Naturamone's Hormonal Regiment

I'm not a pill popper. When I'm sick I try to fight through the symptoms and when I feel like I'm running low on something vital, like Iron and Vitamin D, I like to get those things naturally so I'll have steamed spinach for days on end while laying outside getting sun. True Story!

But when it comes to things that I feel like I need to control, if I have to take something for it I totally will. When it comes to hormones I can't say I've really been affected by it like a lot of other people. I don't break out when I get my period--I get a pimple like once a season, and my periods in general are super duper regular. Like I can tell you the exact date based on this. But when it comes to PMS, I'm a hot mess. I go from normal to beyond miserable before I can even think about it, and that is no good. That coupled with the cramps that I always get was enough to want to give these a try. 

What I like about Naturomone's Hormonal Regiment supplements is that proper research was done to find the right ingredients for it. Because of this it's the best natural formula to deal with hormonal symptoms, whether it's starting because someone is coming off birth control, older women dealing with the end of their period, or chicks like me that still get awful cramps, severe PMS and those with irregular periods. This is all because of the combination of DIM, Vitex, Vitamin B6 and Magnesium that comes in this one supplement, which is something most women aren't getting enough of naturally which can def be a cause for this imbalance.

Oh, and as always when it comes to supplements, the big thing for me is how, if at all, I'm affected by it when I take it and I'm happy to say that I don't get any weird side effects from it like I normally do when I take other things.