DEESS At Home Facial Lift Toner

I'm super addicted to my skincare routine because as I get older I know that if I'm not super diligent about it now, it's only going to get worse. I've already gone the more natural route with my skincare and stopped using products with tons of chemicals and now I'm getting into my tools.  

I've wanted a micro current machine every since I heard about them a few years ago but never stepped up and got one because I think I was afraid of buying something that maybe wasn't going to give me the exact result that I expected. Now as I always mention, my skin is great. It's better than great actually. I don't suffer from wrinkles and only have very faint lines that appear if I force my face to show them--a a test to see how long it takes for my skin to bounce back. But what I am obsessed with my forehead. Botox has been on my mind for a while now but I don't want to start something that's going to cost me a couple of a hundred dollars every few months. I am not down with that at all so I've turned to the wonders of DEESS Facial Lift Toner. 

This toner has been a total godsend to me and I have to say that so far I love it. It comes with instructions, it's super easy to use. I've been using is five days a week, in the morning while I'm having my coffee, and it's a perfect way to start the day feeling pampered, and getting the great benefits from this tool. Which are as followed:

What can the RF facial lift beauty device bring you?

1. The Demi transforms the electric energy to inner energy, mostly to heat energy. 
The energy penetrates to the dermis layer of the skin.
2. Improve partial circulation, result in immediate skin contraction.
3. Activate dermal cell, keep long term collagen regeneration. Tighten, firm the skin.
4 .  Support muscle movement and the elastin formation, keep skin elasticity, 
Improve facial contour.
5.  Increase lymph circulation, output spare water, toxin, pigment, brighten the facial 
6.  Reduce shadows under the eye, lift eye bag, get rid of fine lines, ease eye fatigue. 
7. Red light: enhance vascular function and skin elasticity, close pores, firm skin.
Yellow light: Increase partial circulation, prevent pigment, brighten dark skin.

Now the downside of getting this from Amazon is that it doesn't come with the gel that you're supposed to apply. Nor does it offer suggestions, so I went online and I researched gels that can be used with this and found that aloe vera is a good one, so I grabbed one from one of my favorite stores, Nature's Republic, and it really works wonder.