Bouvetan Waxing Kit Just In Time For Summer

I despise shaving. I always end up cutting myself, missing spots and I always have to do it every few days in order to stay smooth. PLUS, the super smoothness only lasts about a few hours so if I want my boyfriend to comment on it I have to time my shaving time right. Kinda of annoying, right?

So instead I wax. It lasts weeks, I don't have to deal with any burning cuts and aside from the quick pain associated during the process it's virtually pain free. But then here's the thing about it: it can be costly. I get my legs, underarms and lady parts waxed every six weeks and that adds up! I did my legs and underarms less often when I was living in New York City but now that I'm wearing skits without tights for a few more months that just won't do. Besides, my boyfriend loves the smoothness of my skin!

I've never thought about trying to wax myself because I'm a bit of a chicken but I'm a huge fan of trying new things and saving money so when Bouvetan offered to let me try their waxing hair removal kit which includes a warmer, wax beans and applicator sticks.

Before I attempted the product I made sure to not shave for a few days in order to have something for the wax to hold on to and then I of course read the instructions. One fear that I have with at home waxing is burning myself so I followed the instructions step by step. And I have to say that they were extremely clear. I wanted to start with my lets because I'm a lot more tolerable there and I made my boyfriend give me a hand because I probably would chicken out when it's time to remove the wax. We tested the wax, as instructed, to make sure that it wasn't too hot and off we went. We were both scared to do it. Him of hurting me and me of the pain but once I instructed him on the exact way to pull we got a decent amount out in one shot. We kept on going until everything was gone and then proceeded on the other arm. This isn't something that I'd be able to do myself I think but it's nice to have a partner in crime to help with the process.

All in all it wasn't a bad kit and the pain wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Bouvetan Waxing Hair Removal Kit is super easy to use and you can get it on Amazon for $34. BUT if you enter this code: waxing099 you can get it for 20% off which is super awesome. So grab one now and get ready to bare those legs even more because summer will be here before you know it@