Bacon & Eggs Glitter Crunch Box

Glitter Crunch Box is for discerning Christmas ornament enthusiasts. Each box has 5-7 items, all curated within a distinct theme. For $59 per month, you receive a package worth $120-$150, delivered directly to your doorstep. For example, the box that I just got came with 7 things that are all great and/or fun to use and have around the house. Check out all of the goodies that came in this months Bacon & Eggs box below:

Now bacon is legit my food BFF. I absolutely adore it and usually have it regular so trying these two flavors was super fun. While I loved the smoked habanero, because of it's spice, I wasn't super crazy about the brown sugar. Granted it was totally yummy, but the habanero was 100% more my speed.

I love socks, and because I suddenly developed an egg allergy this pair was very apropos. What I love about these is that they're thicker than the regular socks but aren't like super hot to wear. They're made really well and I can totally see them becoming my house socks, even though they totally mock me with my newfound inability to eat eggs. Womp womp!

Now on the the biggest draw in this package: the ornaments. Am I the only one that thinks this is a bit cannibalistic? haha. Let's have a cute little piggy ornament alongside one for bacon. All joking aide thought these are pretty cute and well made. They're not so heavy that they'll fall off but look and feel very well made.

My favorite piece in my Glitter Crunch box is this concrete cracked egg candle holder. It's so simple but absolutely perfect. I don't have much in my kitchen because I don't like clutter but this is one of those things that I have mad an exception for because it's a lot by being very little.

Here's a video that Glitter Crunch put together showing all of the things in this box and if you want one you better go grab one before they're all sold out!