Veeko Eye Mask

Being a blogger with a full time job isn't easy. I don't have the luxury of going home and vegging out in front of the couch. I'm constantly up for hours after I get home (like I am now!) and plan my posts while I'm trying to keep my head straight at work.
Not sleeping takes its toll on me and my eyes, who have had to deal with contacts for over 15 years, fall victim to dark circles and puffy eyes so I will try anything to minimize them. VEEKO Hydrogel Eye Mask is said to be a dark circle eliminator thanks to the vitamin H and hyaluronate acid that it contains. This formula was put together to stimulate blood circulation and get rid of the puffiness. 

After a few nights of using these I can't say that I've noticed any major differences but I have 7 more to try out.  The area around my eyes is super soft now and doesn't feel as dry so that is a plus. I like how it makes my makeup go on smoother and doesn't dry out after a really long day. Plus, I don't look as tired as I normally do so I'm hoping it's because of the serum and not a placebo affect. I want to give it a few more tries before going full blown judging it because I know that 1: it's super hard to find a product that will make my eye area look better without overdrying it and 2: I firmly believe that if there isn't just one dream product, there may be a combination of a few and this may be a part of that combo. So stay tuned!