Ultimate Scratch Off Travel Map

I love to travel. Love love love! And with my love of travel comes my love of sharing where I've been with anyone that will listen. Or in this case, look.

I'm a huge fan of travel art and decor so it's only natural that I would be drawn to the scratch off world maps that have been popping up all over lately. At first I didn't know how I would feel about having one of these because I was unsure about how it would look in my studio but once I got it and put it up, I've become obsessed.

The Ultimate Scratch Off World Map by MapppQuest is a really cool piece. I love that it's interactive and I get to show people where I've traveled to without having to look through my stacks of old photos or all of the pictures on my computer. In terms of the size, it's actually wonderful. I have a ton of empty space on my wall and having this right at the entry is perfect. It invites people to stop and look and once they do that, they kind of get interested in the other things that I've placed around the apartment to showcase. I also really like that it comes with little flags that I can use to highlight specific places. I'm using the flags to highlight my favorite cities as well as places I am dreaming of going to, like Paris and Antarctica, respectively.

The price on this on Amazon is really great at $29.99 so it'll be a perfect gift for yourself or to give to someone that has, or that you want to have, the travel bug.