Pot And Tray Set

I love gardening. Living in SoCal has turned me into a total garden junkie and along with it an obsession for cute pots for all of my herbs and flowers.

My latest acquisition is this  super adorable Pot And Tray Set by Walford Home. This set is amazing because it's a great size for my new batch of herbs- cilantro, parsley, and basil (which I need a constant flow of!). The pots in this set are a great size and the design is really cute so it's easy to see how these can work great in the garden as well as in the kitchen if you're like me and go through crazy cooking phases.

At first I wasn't gaga about the steel color and wanted to paint the pots but I decided against it when I started to see how well it blended with my very modern and chic kitchen as well as my super low key backyard. There's a hole in the bottom of each pot from drainage and it's not so big that soil comes out of it but it totally releases any excess water.

For now I have my seeds germinating outside with bags over them so that the combination of the sun and wet soil can create a greenhouse effect and start my seedlings super fast. Once I get those growing I'm going to keep this tray on the windowsill in my kitchen so that it can liven up the place a bit while still getting a ton of sun.