Must Have: Makeup Brush Essentials w/ Case

Beauty tools. May we own them, may we care for them, and may we be gifted some really good ones that we can carry in our purses 24/7. I want to talk about my new AIT Products Bella Mini Travel Makeup Brush Set, so that's what I'm gonna talk about!

This brush set was sent over to me last week and I'm kinda in love with it already. First, I haven't had a travel mirror in weeks (okay, MONTHS), so I was super excited to open up the travel case and find a real mirror inside, not those weird pseudo ones that I've randomly been seeing lately. The mirror isn't huge for it's a great size for a quick look and I can actually see my entire face with it if I have it just a wee bit away, which is amazing.

What else is amazing about this? The case itself. It seriously reminds me of a Barbie I used to have many moons ago. It's kinda mirrored and super futuristic. It's a great size with decent thickness and can easily be used as an iPhone case if you've got like the 5 or older. I don't, but if I really believe in myself I can probably squeeze my 6 into this. Maybe. Or maybe not, which is good because it's not for my phone it's for the awesome brushes that came inside!

This kit comes with four brushes: a face blender, cream shadow brush, regular eye shadow brush and then an ultra fine eye liner brush (with a cute cover that helps lengthen the brush when in use). These are pretty much the most essential brushes in anyone's brush kit.