KALSI Hand Press Juicer

Up until a few years ago the smell of fresh citrus was a nightmare for me. A total nightmare! So having an orange tree creeping into my backyard was never really fun for me. Don't get me wrong, I really love orange juice, I just couldn't get the gagging feeling of fresh citrus out of my system.

But I refused to fall victim of this forever especially with the cost of fresh, natural orange juice being so expensive so little by little I started picking and peeling the fruit myself. I do love a good mimosa after all. Now of course I didn't have a real citrus juicer and the one time that I tried making orange juice using my regular juicer it was kind of a nightmare so when I was given the KALSI Hand Press Juicer to keep and write about, there is no way I was going to pass that up. After all, spring is here and spring is for mimosas right? Yea, I think so.

This juicer took a while to get to me. 10 days as opposed to the usual 2 (or even 1 day) that I'm used to but I wasn't turned off because of that. My biggest fear with this juicer is that I wouldn't have a place to put it comfortably but luckily I have a deep enough cabinet that I can store it in when not in use. Because I have top cabinets all around my kitchen it's impossible for me to keep it out. The materials in this aren't stainless steel like I had hoped so once I did a deep clean before my first use there wasn't a need to go super deep each time I wanted to use it after.

Using the juicer is as easy as it looks: I just cut the orange in half, put the provided cup on the bottom, press down and voila. I've got orange juice! It's a super easy process and doesn't require any type of elbow grease which is always a positive thing for me.

Now unfortunately if you like your appliances to be super sleek this won't be the one for you. I'm not one to write negative reviews of items because I know companies put a lot of into making them but sometimes a product doesn't hit the mark 100%. The downside for me about this juicer is the craftsmanship. I really wan't gaga with how it was made and there were pieces that just didn't look smooth and super like perfect. I'm really big on how products that I am going to use to consume something are made and this just didn't win me over. Did it juice my oranges well, of course it did. Would I scream from the rooftops how great a product this is? Unfortunately at this stage in the game, no.