BlackMagic Activated Charcoal Face Wash

I've been a huge fan of activated charcoal cleansers for about two years now and they never cease to amaze me. I use their skincare products, haircare products and even their toothpastes.'s THAT serious! So the chance to try out a new product

This BlackMagic Activated Charcoal Face Wash is ah-maize-ing! The big deal with activated charcoal is that it's said to attach itself to dirt and all the other nasties that are clogging up our pores in order to get rid of them, which is what this face wash seems to do and do well. The consistency in this is great and I like how it's not too hard or soft on my face. After I use it my skin feels super soft and I can go without moisturizer for the rest of the day if I use it in the morning and at night it lets my oils seep in easily because my face is squeaky clean.

I totally recommend this. Especially now that the heat is most likely going to cause more oil and dirt creep into everyones pores even more. I'm glad to see that activated charcoal is still creating a lot of buzz and people are still using the products because it is hands down one thing that I can see lasting for awhile longer, especially with a product like this. I'm excited to see where the company plans to take this face wash in the future, especially since it's now made with 70% organic ingredients. Once they get that to 100% I'll be in heaven but it's not a deterrent for me now at all anyway!