Anxiety Stress Relief Stackable Bracelet

I've never been a huge jewelry person but lately I'm starting to get into wearing bracelets and necklaces that have a purpose. Aside from my Tiffany's initial necklace I don't think anyone has seen me with any jewelry in the last few years. Well that is until I started wearing necklaces with stones. I've become obsessed with my rose quartz and clear quartz necklaces because they give me super good energy and I swear that I feel so alive when I am wearing them. Maybe it's just mental what isn't that the way it is anyway? Yea, it is.

So now that I have my neck covered, I've migrated over to bracelets. I got these Anxiety Stress Relief bracelets by Trend Builders Inc and I'm already loving them. I suffer from anxiety so the fact that I can have something on my wrist reminding me to chill out is amazing. I love these bracelets because the only metal I like to wear is stainless steel and the fact that they're a stack-able set of four means I can either wear all four together or split them up and do two and two, if the mood strikes me. Or, alternatively, if I feel like I just to focus on one thing that day, I can just wear one and hone on on the mantra. The four mantra that these bracelets come with are: I am enough, Be imperfect.your courage is awakening, be self-kind, and inhale.exhale. They are seriously mantras that I think anyone can benefit from on a daily basis because we all go through our periods of feeling down, feeling stressed, and needing a pick me up. And no, it is not lost on me that today is International Women's Day so it's an amazing day to share this with all of you--although men can totally wear these too!

With all the self help and self love that's becoming all the rage in 2018 I think this is a great way to wear your self love and relaxation technique in a very subtle but super fashionable way.

keeping these in plastic since I might run a giveaway for these :-)