Celebrate With Chinese Sky Lanterns

I love finding cute ways to celebrate and with all these things happening for me in 2018, I’m going to make sure that I celebrate every new and fun event.

I’ve seen people use Chinese Sky Lanterns over the last couple of years and I’m glad to see that it’s still a thing these days. I think they’re a super fun way to include everyone in a celebration filled with well wishes. 

What I love about these is that everyone can get involved and in a sense send good vibes up into the universe. When you’re having a celebration, like a wedding or birthday party, including all the guests into something is a sweet and small thing that some people enjoy. It’s quick enough where it doesn’t take time away from  the event but special enough where people can feel like they’re a part of something.

The way these Chinese Sky Lanterns from Gracie’s Goods works is pretty simple: you unfold the huge, 35 in lantern and light up the bottom part, wait for it to start taking off and voila. You can do cute things on it like leave messages or send them alone into the night sky as is.

Just make sure that you can use these lanterns in your city/state before getting these. California has been hit with fires over the last few months so I do not recommend using these in here, or in any other city/state that is heavily forested or super dry!!! I live in Los Angeles so unfortunately I was unable to try these out here as I was recently evacuated due to the fire that we had in December but I can’t wait to try these next time I’m away in a place where these are super safe to use!