Building Snowflake Blocks

I love my little nephews so whenever I get the chance to try out some new toys for them I jump at the chance. These boys are very SoCal and very 2010's so everything about them is organic and/or natural. They only eat organic food, they wear organic clothes and as their aunt/godmother/favorite person ever (shhh don't tell their parents) it's my job to get them cool toys that are not going to be filled with chemicals.

For Christmas I got them these super cool beeswax crayons, which are the best things ever, and now I get to give them these Snowflake Building Blocks by Feijoa+Pukeko. I like these building blocks because they're kind of nerdy looking. I can picture them trying to recreate the DNA helix or something like that and by putting these together they can start to learn about weights and balance by how and where they place things. Oh, I didn't tell you that my job is to make these kids nerds, so their parents were very excited about this gift.

There are a ton of piece sin this case-250 in total-but they're big enough that they won't end up all over the place and a baby can't choke on them because they're not easy to shove in their mouths, but of course it doesn't mean that smaller kids that love to shove everything in there should not be monitored. Connecting and disconnecting the blocks is super easy and while they do recommend helping a young child with this, I didn't see it as an issue at all.

If you go in Amazon you'll see a few things that they say these can be used for: counting, matching, just spinning around and making two totally opposite things: dinosaurs and robots. The possibilities with this really is endless. Think of it like legos, just not so painful when you step on them by accident and with more mobility due to the circular shape of the snowflakes.

Oh, and I forgot the best part: they're non-toxic, so it's a fun little nerdy toy that isn't filled with chemicals. How's that for healthy learning?