Veronica's Treats Valentine's Day Cake Pops

Okay guys, we all know what's right around the corner. It's a holiday that everyone loves for one reason or another. Some love it because it means they'll get gifts from a special someone, others like to be the givers, and then some, or most actually, love to hate it.

It's Valentine's Day! And we are about two weeks away from it. Now when it comes to gifts for this holiday a lot of people are steering away from wanting to give flowers in lieu of something edible. Because flowers die, people are more apt to give chocolate but there's something else that people can give, and have been giving for the last few years...CAKE POPS! I've been getting my cake pops from Starbucks over the last few years here and there and while I do trust the brand, I feel like when something is so mass produced, it loses some of its luster.

This is where Veronica's Treats Chocolate Flavored Cake Pops come in. I got these recently to share with my lovely readers and I honestly cannot wait to try them! I was sent a perfectly packaged box with three different designs: red with white sprinkles, white with red drizzle, and pink with red. white, and pink hearts. All of these look super cute, especially when contrasted by the chocolate inside when you bite into it.

Now I've had these for a week in my fridge, looking for the perfect moment to have them, and let me tell you, they're still delicious! The package came with a postcard letting me know how long I can store each of these goodies for depending on if you are leaving them out, keeping them in the fridge or storing them in the freezer. And of course, aside from cake pops they make a ton of other items like large photo cookies, Oreo cookies, brownies and mini cakes and edible images on frosting sheets.

Veronica's Treats has been around since 2003, so that's 15 years of delivering awesome goodies both locally in Massachusetts and nationwide. They've also been included in swag bags during award season for all the major events, so they're a pretty big deal. These cake pops are sold for $2.49 each with a minimum order of 6, and they come in double chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, mint chocolate chip and lemon. And because you guys are awesome and I want you all to be my Valentine this year, they're letting me give you guys a 15% discount on any of the treats you buy this year! just use the code: DBBP15 at checkout!