Straighten Up With VIBO Care's Posture Corrector

12 years ago at my cousins wedding I was in charge of many things but my most important role was making sure that my cousin, the bride, had good posture. her and I were seriously the worst with it and with so many photos being taken of her that day, we didn't want to comment on slouchy shoulders every time we say those photos. Fast forward to today and I see so many products on the market that claim to be the answer to a slouchy persons needs in the form of posture correctors. 

This FDA approved Posture Corrector by VIBO Care is just one of the many out on the market that promise the delivery of just that. Not only do they aid in good posture on the regular, but they help if someone if recovering from an injury and needs that slight bit of pressure to straighten up! This also totally help with those super cold days. You know the ones I'm talking about! The ones where it's so cold you tense up really bad and end up with that horrible pain right under your neck? Yea, that one! 

Now this looks a little weird to wear in public but I got to see one in person and they're surprisingly very thin, which means they can be easily worn under thick sweaters and even jackets. VIBO Care offers a 60 day guarantee so if you don't feel the pain go away, or if your back is still feeling a bit wonky after wearing it for that long, just reach out and they'll take care of you and your arched back! But before you start using it make sure you don't over do it right away. They recommend starting with just 20 minutes a day and then gradually increasing the time until you feel totally comfortable using it long term.