Sleep on This: A Comfy and Cozy Sleep Space

Last year when I moved into an apartment in my first (and probably last) luxury building I decided to make my bedroom my place of zen. I kept it clutter free, super airy and of course, very very cute. Everyone who knows me knows that I call myself a gothy princess, because I'm all about black, leather and lace in my going our wardrobe but then I love all things shabby chic, which is where my bedroom and bathroom decor comes in. Check out how I used the great canvas that my new and modern apartment gave me to create my little piece of heaven.

I've always wanted lace canopy over my bed since I grew up having one when I was younger and would visit my family in the Dominican Republic. The ones we had there were for necessity, not for looks, but it stuck with me regardless. My bed was the center of my bedroom so I always had to make sure that my bed was always made and bedside decluttered.

When it came to making my bed all princess-y, I got a bedspread that was pintuched, because I thought it gave it a bit of character and let it be just as cute as it was modern. Unfortunately, these are the HARDEST bedspreads to keep wrinkle free because of all the tucks, but I think that because the vibe of the room was a bit on the romanic side, it fit somewhat. On top of having that bedspread I filled my bed with pillows because it reminded me of hotel living. I love really big headboards but I've yet to commit to one that I think I'll have for years to come so having lots of pillows to pad up the top part of my bed was the way to go. I made sure to get pillowcases that would compliment my bedding, so I went with lilac to offset the cream.

The next step in making my bed super cozy was adding cute cushions. Now, I got these both from Amazon and I was totally duped on the blue design one. From afar and in photos it looks really nice but up close and in person you can totally tell that the manufacturers enlarged an image a lot bigger than they should have. Oh well, those are the breaks! But again, from afar, it's not super bad looking and adds an extra bit of color to the bed and room as well, so it wasn't the worst thing ever.

The we have my black and white industrial print of the Eiffel Tower. I took that photo on a solo trip to Paris in 2011 and didn't want to just have it as a large print. I thought separating it into separate frames would give it a bit of character and it worked. Granted, I wanted it to be much larger but it wasn't bad for a first attempt.

And now let's talk about the bed itself. Have we spoken about it yet? No, no we haven't. Now I've had that Ikea mattress since my second apartment in LA in 2013 so it's no secret that I've been searching for a new one. Foam mattresses have been all over the internet in the last year with all these companies popping up, and one of those is the brand Puffy. This mattress is available in all six standard sizes and ranges from $550-$1150. It's made with Cooling Cloud Foam, which is designed to adapt to every point of your body while you sleep and helps to keep heat away. I don't know about you, but I cannot be warm when I sleep. I require a very specific temperature to anything that keeps heat away from my body without having to be in a freezing room is amazing. The mattress is also great for all kinds of sleepers: back, side, stomach, the works, again, because of its cloud form.

I heard about this one after I got my latest regular mattress because I wasn't happy with the reviews that I read about the foam ones that have been advertised all over the web lately but I think I'm totally going to consider this one for my next one. Not only does it look really great, but the price is really affordable and the fact that it's manufactured in my own neighborhood means that I know I'll get it super quick, even though I would get it in 3-6 days anyway if I lived elsewhere.

So like now my room is perfectly decorated, I've got a super comfy bed but of course the long and arduous task to find comfortable and affordable sheets begin. I've purchased super inexpensive ones from Walmart before that lasted a good week before getting totally ruined. And then I've done the jersey cotton ones from Target that go to crap in a few months so this time I wanted something else. I wanted sheets that were super soft but also affordable so of course I didn't hesitate to try to get these from to write about for you guys to complete my set. The box that these Shilucheng Queen Sized Sheets came in was really cute. I liked how they took time to use something as simple as cardboard to give these queen sized sheets a little touch.

When I opened the box I was super surprised at how soft the sheets were. I honestly didn't expect a set of $25 sheets to be as nice as these but they totally are. I immediately washed them and threw them on my bed to use that first night that I opened them. Once washed, without using fabric softener, the sheets were still really soft and felt cozy. And cozy they are! LA is getting super hot and for the first time in months I've had to use my a/c. I use a very thin comforter so that plus weight and feel of the top sheet made me feel super warm. I'm hoping these sheets last me a long time but I mean, they've got 4.5 stats on Amazon (out of 530 reviews) so I'm sure they will.