Plan 2018 Right With Abrie James Planner

I've been all over this 2018 kick since the year started. Because 1, it's a cool number and 2, because a new year is like Christmas for a blogger. Seriously, we can pretty much OD on blog posts about starting the new, how we ended the year, etc.

So speaking of starting the year, I became pretty planner obsessed a few years ago and the obsession has not left me. I love planners and while I used to always want something tiny, I saw this full sized one from Abrie James and fell in love. The Abrie James planners are super cute and give a lot of space for making to-do lists, entering appointments, etc. It also has little motivational quotes at the bottom of each page with the addition of a gratitude page for you to write down things that you were grateful for that month. While it doesn't fit in my purse, because it's a drop smaller than average, it's slim enough that I don't mind it peeking out a bit. Because hey, it's a reminder to write things down!

One thing I really want to point out about Abrie James is their customer service. I had a slight problem that needed correcting and they were on it 100%! They got back to me super fast regarding the issue and within a week, everything was corrected. That's the kind of the thing that is lost on a lot of companies these days, so this is great.

Back to my planner! I love it. Love, love, love! And I also adore all of the other office accessories that they have on their site like marble notepads, coasters and even pretty pens. For just under $25, this planner is huge and packs a big punch, making it a total motivator to make, and keep, those plans!