Bye Bye Razor, Hello In-Home IPL by DEESS

Hair removal. It's a super touchy topic. It's gross. It's gross and it's gross. But time has made it less so, and also easy. I grew up shaving, duh, and then graduated to waxing when I had the balls (and money) to do it all over. It's something I thought I'd be doing my whole life because while it's always been super painful for me, it was the best way to defuzz myself for long periods at a time.

But then came laser hair removal. This is a process that's always been out of my price range and to be honest, just looked very time consuming. I know that in the end I would spend less time with a razor, or a strip of wax, but it was never for me. Spending thousands of dollars getting it done, STILL having to shave, and keeping a very specific appointment schedule was a lot. But eventually I chose a spot that I wanted hairless (my underarms) and bit the bullet. The experience was surprisingly not awful. I have several tattoos so the discomfort that came with the laser treatment was totally tolerable. It actually didn't really feel like much, so I was happy about that. What I wasn't so happy about was the cost. I paid an average of $150 per session for 6 sessions. Now THAT was painful, and I can't imagine the cost of I did my legs or bikini area, but I'm so glad I never have to worry about throwing on a tank top and that is a huge deal.

Because I've been through the process, and love to experiment, I got the DEESS Permanent Hair Removal Device. Tons of companies have these out and the price ranges vary, but this system has really good reviews and a very affordable price, so I think it's worth a try. The initial package comes with the machine, a pair of wannabe Ray-Bans to keep your eyes protected and the charger.

With any kind of device, this comes with a long list of instructions and how to's and it's really important to read through them before getting started. I read the instructions like five time before I started using it to make sure I didn't miss a step. After all, I am doing this on my legs, and what good would it be if I do something wrong and give myself a nasty scar because of it, right?

So far I've done two treatments on one of my legs and I can't wait to start seeing a difference with hair growth. I can only use this once a week. Because I have darker skin, I'm doing it on the lowest setting which may or may not delay the process but if it means that in a couple of months I'll be done with shaving forever then I'll take it! I'm excited to keep using this machine and if it works as great as the other reviews, soon I'll never have to shave or wax my legs again, and all for the cost of one treatment and lots of patience!