Travel Must Haves: Easy To Read Bottles

I love to travel and now that the year is ending everyone is going to go away. Be it to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with their families or taking advantage of some cheap travel deals outside of the holiday dates. With flights being super expensive, and the need to pay at least $25 for a checked bag, everyone is trying to squeeze their lives into carry ons. This is super easy for a guy, and maybe for a chick that isn't a product junkie like me but most of us have travel anxiety solely due to the whole "do I really need this with me for this trip?" deal.

I've used travel bottles on and off for years and the one thing that sucks, aside from their size, is the fact that I never know whats in them. Lotion, shampoo and conditioner have always been the same color for me so sometimes I get some confused that I don't use anything. Added to that, the bottles are usually tiny. These travel bottles by VelourGo changes that in more ways than one.

To start, they're a great size. If I'm going away for a week, I'm totally covered with the products that I can fit in these. I can totally wash my hair more than a few times and have enough argan oil to double that time. Next is the fact that they can stick to the wall. This is a plus because it means that I'll have my things super handy when I'm in, and immediately out, of the shower.

The super plus in these is the labeling. I love how I don't have to write on the bottle and use a sticker that for sure will come out before I even try to use what's in it. When I saw that I was in love and wished that I had these when I went away a few months ago.These are super great and the fact that they're approved for carry ons and aren't just there to help bring products without weighing down your suitcase is amazing!