Selfie Stick/Tripod Add On

I've never used a selfie stick before but I know how popular they are and how people either love them or hate them. Before the world of selfies I would always travel with a camera and take photos  of things that I would see and then hope that I'd find a tourist that won't steal my camera while they took a photo of me. Or of course, there were the super close up selfies that were awful. Before they were called that of course.

But lo and behold, as a blogger, I get a ton of things sent over to me and a pocked size selfie stick by Fugetek was offered to me so of course, I wasn't going to reject it.

What I liked about this is that it looked really sturdy and kind of fancy. It reminds me of a DSLR with the texture of the stick and how it's black with silver and red accents. I was also happy with the fact that it came with a wrist strap. But I guess all of the sticks come with one, or should. In terms of the remote, I was always used to seeing people have controls at the end of their stick but I liked that this is separate. The reason I like this is because I can actually screw this stick to a tripod and then use the remote from wherever I am. This is an amazing feature and if I never really use this when I travel for selfies, I for sure will be using it when I start posting videos and photos of me in the kitchen again.

The only downside to this is that the zoom controls don't work on an iPhone yet and just for Androids (and I'm an android person), but besides that it's super cool and I'm glad I have an extra photo gadget!