Scale Up To Weigh Down

I have more digital scales that I can count at the moment but the FRK Bluetooth Scale is my favorite so far.

Not only does this scale do what others do which is get my weight, body fat percentage, water weight and bone density but it syncs to my iPhone. That in itself is pretty damn cool. Once I'm done weighing myself I open my app and all my measurements are there.

I'm currently the only one using this particular scale but the way it recognizes a new user is by the weight difference. This is a great feature if you have a partner or roommate that is way bigger (hopefully not smaller!) than you and you both want to use it. As a (not so new) runner I know that my weight will fluctuate as I burn fat and gain muscle so seeing the comparison from the previous week is something nice to see on my phone.

Unlike a few scales that I've written about in the past, I am giving this one a serious recommendation. It's great if you're an app junkie like myself and if you want a sleek and slim scale that you easily slide under a bed or kitchen counter.