Portable Laptop Desk With Mouse Tray

Most people I know work from home either as their primary job or in addition to working in their 9-5 office. This is the reason that home offices even existed and why home desks are so popular. But with apartments getting smaller and smaller, most people don't have the space for a full on desk. And of course since most people buy laptops instead of desktops, our home offices are the bed, couch....pretty much anywhere that we can comfortably type. Or, I'll just say type.

Because I'm a blogger, and I still like to play around with photo editing, using a laptop isn't always easy because of the trackpad. I totally take advantage of having a mouse while I'm at work for super fine editing but without a desk at home, it's a bit more difficult.

This AboveTEK Portable Laptop Desk with Mouse Pad Tray totally comes in handy in those moments for me. I spend a lot of time waiting for inspiration to come to me as I sit on my couch and not having a hot laptop on me feels amazing this this. Plus, the fact that I'm able to plug in a mouse and have a pad for it is even better. There have been a few times (okay MORE that a few times) that I've used the tray to hold my coffee or my super awesome sparkling water, but when I need to edit photos for the blog, and believe me, I have been editing A LOT of photos lately, it's a massive help for me and I know it will be for anyone that doesn't want a conventional desk for their laptop.