Mozzarella Crescent Rolls

Cooking is one of my favorite things to do and lately I've been trying to do it a lot more, especially when it comes to things like making super easy mini bites. Tonight for dinner/tomorrow's snack I decided to make some crescent rolls because I had a can of organic rolls from Annie's that was about to expire, and I hate letting things go to waste. Hate hate hate!

I made these faux mozzarella stick rolls super easy using a recipe and guide from Pillsbury's website and I must say, they were yummy! I'm starting to get an aversion to cheese and all things dairy but until it puts me in the hospital I'm going to double and triple my cheese intake because that's how I roll. 

The main differences between the recipe linked above and what I made is that I added parmesan cheese inside the roll and red pepper flakes in the glaze. I also used a skewer stick that I got from SkewerChef to hold these tight because I didn't want the cheese to explode and open up the roll. I wanted them nice and tight!

The skewer sticks that I got were super hardcore and it took a lot of work to cut them up. The package that I got came with 200 skewer sticks so as soon as it gets cool enough at night to use the grill and not burn up, I'm going to be having kebobs for days. And weeks...and...well, for a long time!

Seriously, these were super yummy and the red pepper flakes really added a little kick to it. The combination of the mozzarella and parmesan cheese wasn't bad either. You know what I said about having them for a snack tomorrow? That was a total lie, I ate them all in one sitting. They were so good that I couldn't help myself!