More Baking Supplies Please!

Is this another post about cooking? Yes, yes it is. Or more specifically, another post about a cute cooking tool that I just got. I'm super into little bites of food again so was excited to check out these cookie cutters that I just got, even though it was a but strange that they were just round and basic. When it comes to cookie cutters I'm used to ones with fun silly shapes like a watch or Darth Vadar, so having regular round ones is totally new to me.

Because I hardly ever make cookies, I decided to use these JOKUMO Round Pastry Cutters for stuffed wontons that I made recently. I used the to measure the amount of spinach and cheese mixture that I was going to put in them so that they all had the same amount of the mixture. I saw on Amazon that people used them as they were baking things in the oven as well as like to make perfectly round fried eggs so I'm totally going to do that the next time I want to make eggs or cook a meal in a perfectly round shape.

Seriously, these are super perfect and very simple, which sometimes is ideal when it comes to kitchen tools because a lot of times we tend to get carried away and have a lot of things that are only good for a one time use!