In Ear Headphones/Ear Plugs

I'm a music junkie and will take every chance that I get to find a pair of headphones that have great sound quality, a good fit and a good look. In my quest for the perfect pair of headphones I've been trying out a ton of different ones. Over the head ones, bluetooth ones and of course my favorite, in ear ones. My requirements for all types are the same: that they have a remote with volume control, a good mic, and that the music is super clear and amazing. In 2017, it's not a lot to ask for.

The headphones that were sent to be by Plugtones offer two things: sound isolation and quality sound. The box (or circle) comes with the earplugs, 1 pair of foam plugs, another pair of silicone plugs and a waterproof case. The case it really cool but I honestly don't see myself ever using it. I'm the type that believes headphones should be wrapped around my iPhone or thrown in my purse carelessly, so putting it away nice and neat just never happens. Never ever ever.

In terms of sound, which is the number one thing that makes or breaks a good set of headphones. I didn't mind the sound of these when I was listening to music. It was super crisp and I liked how it didn't have too much bass or anything that made me want to adjust the sound settings on my phone. The control buttons, which were really low and not a favorite thing of mine, controls the volume and has a button in the center to start, stop, skip a track and start one over with just a few presses of a button.

These headphones in three different color options: blue/yellow, lt blue orange and black/grey. I prefer the black/grey because it's a more subtle color so if you're in the market for a cute new pair of headphones at a decent price, totally check these out!