HerbaFrame's 14 Day Tea Tox

I love tea and I love cleanses so it's only natural that I was ready to enjoy Herba Frame's 14 Day Tea Tox from the moment I got it. Especially as I started getting myself ready to reset my body after all the junk I've been eating and drinking during the holidays. 

I'm used to drinking teas that are tightly packed and I know that the flavor in them isn't as powerful as they could be if I was using loose leaves so this was a treat. What was also a treat is that this tea did a lot of things: it helped balance my digestive tract, which is a hot mess currently from all the junk I've been eating, and it helps burn fat which is the #1 reason to even use any of these teas. 

Herba Frame's detox works quite simply. In the morning and evening, you brew yourself a cup of hot water, and then let the tea bag steep for 3-5 minutes.Throughout the day, you consume normal meals, though adhere to the special "diet" outlined on Thin Tea's website (which is a typical low-cal/low-carb diet, but more on that a bit later...). 
Basically, you're then just supposed to repeat the cycle for the next 14 or 28 days and watch the fat burn right off while drinking a yummy tea in the process.