Espresso Yourself

I've been wanting an espresso/fancy coffee maker for a while so was over the moon when I was given the chance to play with one. Unfortunately, aside from it making coffee, and kind of steaming my milk, I'm not too happy with the one that Sowtech sent me and even though it was free, it's not something I even want to keep. Here are the pros and cons of this machine:

It makes coffee
It heats up milk

It reeks of plastic. Right out of the box it was super lightweight and have the heaviest smell of plastic in the world
You pour water in a weird metal tube. I don't like having my filtered water go through what looks like a steel pipe before going into my coffee
This steams milk so long as there's water in the pipe, but while it did that, it didn't make it frothy
The controls are weird.
You can't have it plugged in when adding water. Who wants to constantly unplug their coffee maker?

Overall it's a cute machine and if you haven't graduated to being a coffee snob, maybe this will be okay for you but it's not something that works for me. It did however inspire me to get a milk frother so I can make fancy coffees along with my Chemex, so there's that!