Big Sound In A Small Package

Ever since I upgraded to an iPhone 5, and now 6 many moons ago my iHome became pointless if I wanted to use it to listen to music. I keep my iHome in my bathroom so I can listen to some tunes while I shower or get ready for work/going out or to enjoy some peace after a super long day on my balcony and I've had to resort to using my super old iPod from 2004. And let me pause for a second to reflect on the fact that I have an 13, almost 14 year old working iPod!

Okay, now that's that over, let's go back to my situation now. While I can put 20gb worth of music in it sometimes I like to listen to Pandora or Spotify while I'm getting ready to go out, cleaning, or generally relaxing, so I've been searching for a really good bluetooth speaker and I think I found one that's nearly perfect. 

The Ancor Micro Bluetooth Speaker  is my new favorite gadget. Thanks to my Amazon Prime I was able o get it super fast and it came juiced up so I didn't even have to wait to start using it. It's a very simple little device that doesn't come in any controls but it makes up for all that by packing a super loud sound. The fact that I can hear music better with this than one other one that's about 4 times the size makes a huge difference, especially when I'm in the shower washing my hair.

It's a really sleek design and the size lends to letting you have a loud, crisp sound and the range so far hasn't been an issue for me. Normally, I like to have my phone close to it anyway in case I want to skip or rewind a song. Overall it's a super cute little gadget that I'm going to keep in my travel bag for those moments where I need to go out of town and need music. And of course, while I got this one for free, I'm going to buy another one for a better experience.