An Exfoliating Peel For The Win!

I love glycolic acid in my skincare products but because I'm trying to head into a more natural skin care routine I've been on the hunt for new products and brands that I may not be 100% familiar with yet. One of the most important things that I'm searching for is a mask because I have become OBSESSED with them lately. Like more so that I ever was so when InstantPeel asked me to try their peel out I totally jumped at the chance.

I wanted to try this in the morning but when I read the instructions I saw that they recommended it be used after the face was steamed, preferably after a shower, so that's when I decided to use it. Unlike most peels that I've used lately, save for my blue tansy one, this peel was milky white and have a bit or a runny texture so I made sure to use a thin layer so it wouldn't run into my eyes.

This was a totally different type of peel for me because it's a mix of a peel and a scrub. When you put the product on your skin you're supposed to massage it in so you can see the dead skin start to lift up and away your skin. This goes on for about 5-7 minutes and after that you just rinse your face with warm water and you're all set. Super easy and totally different because it's kind of a two in one. Afterwards I applied my argan oil and my skin felt so new and baby fresh. I pride myself in having great looking skin but I have blemishes because when my bi-monthly pimple hits I can't stop picking it. I know, it's bad! But using an exfoliating peel means that my skin with be at 100% super fast.

The peel has been a great addition to my skin care regiment. It sloths off the dead layer of skin which helps my other products and makeup do their job more efficiently. I think I can use use each packet 2-3 times, which makes this 6-pack totally worth the cost!