A Stand Up Kitchen Gadget

Pinterest has made me obsessed with cooking. OBSESSED! Which means that I'm constantly saving and following recipes that I discover online. Of course, I don't EVER print anything out, and following something on my phone is super hard because it means that I'm constantly washing my hands to unlock my phone, zoom in, or scroll down. For this reason using this magnetic table stand has been a lifesaver. Not just for me, but for my cousins who decided to totally hijack it as soon as I got it!

Just like everything else, this AboveTEK Magnetic Table Stand has it pros and cons. The pros are amazing: it lets a person see a recipe upright while they're cooking. The piece that you stick to your phone or tablet isn't massive and it holds to the stand very well. It also doesn't slide across the table, making it super sturdy.

So far we've only experienced one con with this item and it's that it can't be too close to heat. Whenever we've been cooking using either the oven or stove, whatever is attached to the stand slides off. Once things cool down though, the magnet on the stand and phone/tablet are back to normal.

With everyone starting to cook a lot as we kick off the last few months of the year, something like this is a super cool little kitchen gadget to have or to give to your fellow kitchen junkie.