Roll With Lavender

I love essential oils and have always wanted to have a roll on version of one of my favorite scents but the idea of buying a bunch of bases and a roll on tube always turned me off. Thinking about the formulas and making sure that the roller ball doesn't pop out was enough to make me forget about the whole thing.

But then I was given the chance to try this lavender one from Halsa Essentials and I've warmed up to the idea of a roll on essential oil again.

When it came to this one, I wish I could say that I liked the smell but I don't. It smells like there's a bit of orange or lemon with the lavender and it kind of overpowers it, even though there's only mention of coconut oil on the ingredients. I'm also not very gaga on the lavender that was used for this. But I am SUPER picky with the scents in my essentials oils so it could really be that I personally don't like it mixed with coconut, so someone else might be over the moon about it. 

With that being said, for $10, it's a great little non chemical relaxer during a super stressful day or if you're having a hard time winding your brain down before bed.