Jade Crate Subscription Boxes

I'm kind of obsessed with subscription boxes these days. I don't know what it is about getting a box full of random things that I didn't actually order that makes me feel like it's Christmas a few times a month. I subscribe to Sephora Play, Hello Fresh, and because of that I thought it would be fun to see what Jade Crate was all about.

I call Jade Crate a "hippie box"-my version of boho chic. But I don't mean it in a bad way at all, so stay with me here. This box aims to delivery organic skincare, organic snacks, accessories and something pretty for the home and it delivered just that. Let's dive into the box!

To start, I think the design is super cute. I really like the elephant and crescent moon that make up the J and C and the overall design of the box itself.

Once I got into the box itself I was surprised at how many items were in it. It came with a total of seven items that I could use to decorate, consume, and use, and wear. Not a bad deal! I like that it came with a big, super soft scarf that I can wear year round here in LA. It's light enough that I can put it in the smallest purse but big enough to wrap around my neck a few times if I'm really feeling a SoCal chill.

While I'm no a fan of the earrings it's mostly because I haven't worn them in 5+ years. They're really cute but maybe if they were smaller I would have been enticed into wearing them, but for now, I'm going to give them to someone that I know loves big silver earrings. The moisturizer that came in this was pretty awesome as well. It's all natural and includes ingredients that are a dream for anyone with dry skin. Plus, it's great that it's small enough to carry around in a purse wherever you go.

As far as the popcorn went...I LOVE popcorn, especially when it's organic because I don't bad eating a ton of it in one siting! This one has Himalayan Sea Salt which gave it a nice flavor without being salty and it went well with my hot sauce....sooo yum.

And finally, there's the candle/pen holder. I would probably use it for pens and pencils at my desk because it's very pretty and would make any space look cute. It's totally going to elevate my work desk from bland to something with a bit of life!

The #JadeCrate box has a few different options and different price points which is cool because it doesn't tie to in to something big automatically. You can start small if you want and switch to a different one if you feel you want to go all in. If this is your style, I totally suggest jumping on it to discover some cool boho chic brands as well as originals from this one!